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All of these elements will then be used to compile a comprehensive report conveniently delivered to you in either an electronic PDF file or hard color copy. Your clear and concise report, including relevant factors, data, and illustrations specific to your property and market, empowers you to make informed decisions regarding your property.

It generally takes between 30 and 60 minutes to complete the physical inspection of a typical residential property. The main aspects of the inspection include measurements to develop a sketch, interior and exterior photographs, and a description of interior and exterior features. The appraiser will also take detailed notes of the condition of the property, including any updates or deferred maintenance. All of these factors will be summarized and considered in the valuation process.

The next step in the appraisal process is research. The appraiser will use multiple online tools to establish the subject property characteristics and to compile a list of recent comparable sales that will be used to determine a reliable opinion of value. These tools include Metroscan, information from the county assessor, and the Northwest Multiple Listing Service, as well as other online resources. In addition to computer research, the appraiser will physically inspect the comparable sales in order to assess their relative primary characteristics, such as style, quality, condition, and location. 

Once the client and appraiser expectations have been established, the appraisal process can begin. The appraiser will get the particulars from the client, including property ownership history, recent updates, known easements, and other specific property information. Inspections are scheduled during daylight hours and we are available seven days a week to accommodate your schedule.




The Appraisal Process